Columbus Sign Sponsorship Deal Solely For The Benefit Of Eddie Gaven

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The Columbus Crew added a new sponsor this week, and for the next five years, will wear the name of shaving cream manufacturer Barbasol on the front of their shirts as the main part of the deal. Which we’re fairly sure was signed as a not-so-subtle hint to Eddie Gaven.

Eddie Gaven has  one of the most impressive displays of facial hair in MLS of anyone this side of Matt Pickens. It even has its own parody twitter account, because that’s just a thing that happens these days since as a society, we have lost the capacity to be original and creative.

It might be something interesting to look at for fans, but the reality of such a beard is no picnic. The hair clogs up drains, food gets caught in it during mealtimes which is gross, and it makes Gaven look like a crazy homeless person going after a sandwich made of cheddar cheese and drugs.

So while the money might be nice (reportedly $2.5m over the five-year span of the deal), that’s really just an ancillary benefit if Gaven hacks off his flavor-saver.

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