Comic: Rafa Answers The Call (Cue Ominous Music)

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

This is a great thing from comic artist David Squires, capturing the ominous nature of any Chelsea hiring. Rafa has no choice. He must answer the call. There is a car waiting for him outside, and if you don’t imagine it to contain a number of cold sweat-inducing visages of Russian origin, maybe you should read up on Roman Abramovich.

Here’s the detail I like: Rafa says “Say goodbye to the children for me,” even though the phone he answered (and yes, Rafa would definitely own a phone with a cord in 2012) is in the same room as said children. That’s how much the call has affected him. He’s barely conscious of his surroundings.

See more of David Squires’ excellent work at his website, The Sunshine Room.

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