Competitor To David Beckham For MLS Expansion Team In Miami Launches ‘MIA4MLS’ Website

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

MLS is expanding, at a rate even the universe would envy. One of the candidate cities for an MLS expansion franchise is Miami, which MLS abandoned back in 2001 when it contracted the super-fun, but under-attended Fusion. Because David Beckham has an option for an MLS expansion club and because Miami is totally a David Beckham-type town, everyone assumes it will be Becks who will own the new Miami team. But there’s a twist in this plot: Goldenballs has competition, a group led by London financier Alessandro Butini. The new contender also has a website:

Said website presents three possible names/looks for a team in Miami, clearly playing to the South Amerisnobs and Eurosnobs among the (potential) team’s (potential) fan base. For what it’s worth, these aren’t bad looks, and as far as I know, this is the first time a group looking to get into MLS has dispensed with the foreplay and played to every soccer fan’s fetish for badges and kits. Well played, Mssr. Butini.

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