Copa America Better Have Volcano Insurance

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a volcano in Chile called Cordon Caulle, and it’s belching up some pretty nasty stuff. This is not good for the Copa America.

Clouds of volcanic ash have shut down the main international airports in Argentina and Uruguay, and this year’s edition of South America’s big tourney, hosted in Argentina, is in danger of being delayed, reports the New York Times.

Volcanic ash has been a particular pain in the backside for soccer clubs in recent years. In 2010, airport shutdowns caused by Iceland’s Eyjafjoell volcano (say that ten times fast) forced FC Barcelona to travel to Milan by bus for their Champions League semifinal. To avoid the same fate this year, the Catalans left for the for the final in London two days early to beat the delays caused by the eruption of Iceland’s Grimsvoetn.

Now, the Copa America is still a few weeks away, and everything should be okay. But there’s also the possibility that this is the first part of a crazy revenge scheme by Diego Maradona because he lost his job as Argentina head coach. Also, it involves procuring more cocaine. Somehow.

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