Corinthians Will Sponsor Anderson Silva Because Fat Ronaldo Struck A Deal

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Brazilian club Corinthians, despite not having the cash on hand to free Carlos Tevez from Manchester City, do have the cash to sponsor Brazilian MMA world champion Anderson Silva. In his next fight, Silva will wear the club’s badge somewhere on his person.

The sponsorship deal is part of a larger partnership with Ronaldo’s sports management company, 9ine, who Silva signed on with at the beginning of the year.

A Google image search returned the photo above, which shows Silva wearing the Corinthians badge in the ring, probably because Corinthians is actually his club and he just wanted to represent. The best guess then, is that he’s just ti going start getting paid for it with this sponsorship deal. Which is nice. I’d like to be paid for wearing my club’s badge while I’m on the job, please.

Silva gets his cut after Ronaldo gets his, of course. Gotta fund those trips to the beach.

Source: Cagewriter

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