Cosmos Copa Group Mega Previews: Group A

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

With the epic Cosmos Copa kicking off today in New York City, we’re going to run through each of the groups and give you all the details you’ll need to get pumped. This may be an amateur tournament, but the teams, players, communities and the hundreds of fans who flock to every game have turned the Copa make it a staple of summer football in NYC. So if you’re in NYC and thinking about taking in some of the action, or just want to know more, we’ve got you covered.

We asked Copa founders Spencer Dormitzer and Chris Noble some key questions on each team in the tournament. Here are their thoughts on the squads that makeup Group A:

– Thought of as “the OTHER Group of Death” with Group D
– Every team has immense talent, fitness and focus for the Cosmos Cup
– Many players on all 4 teams could play, or are close to playing at the next level
– 1st Time Cosmos Copa will host a “Caribbean Derby” (match 5, 10:00 am NYC Jamaica v NYC T&T)
– Match 9, (NYC Jamaica v NYC Senegal) is one of the most anticipated matches in Cosmos Copa history
– Every team must stay focused and not take their opponents for granted
– The team who underestimates their opponents in this group will be punished
– Every team must play at their best to advance

NYC Jamaica
– Great individual talent at every position
– Seemingly never phased by their opposition
– They can play the physical game as well as “sexy football”
– Focus and depth of squad were problems in 2010
– Will need to come out of the gates as a unified, dedicated squad to achieve what they desire
– This team is always entertaining to watch!

NYC Ecuador
– New team president has gone a different direction than past NYC Ecuador teams
– Younger, faster, more disciplined
– May have some growing pains in this transition year
– Difficult group for a relatively new squad
– There is unquestionable talent around the pitch
– Have they grown as a unit?

NYC Senegal
– Were the standout team from the qualifying round
– Did not concede a goal in 3 matches
– Handily beat a very good Russia team 4-0
– Long, fast, and play very elegant soccer
– This team has plays with focus, unity and are hungry for NYC respect
– Have developed a reputation throughout Cosmos Copa as a favored team
– Can they play to their potential with this pressure and expectation on their shoulders?

NYC Trinidad & Tobago
– Have entered the tournament under the radar
– Could be a sleeping giant
– Great speed and not afraid of physical play
– Look tactically more sound from previous years
– Their 1st match against NYC Senegal will be a huge test
– Could be one of the matches of the group stage
– Good coaching will be key

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