Cosmos Copa Group Mega Previews: Group C

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

With just a couple of days until the epic Cosmos Copa kicks off in New York City, we’re going to run through each of the groups and give you all the details you’ll need to get pumped. This may be an amateur tournament, but the teams, players, communities and the hundreds of fans who flock to every game have turned the Copa make it a staple of summer football in NYC. So if you’re in NYC and thinking about taking in some of the action, or just want to know more, we’ve got you covered.

We asked Copa founders Spencer Dormitzer and Chris Noble some key questions on each team in the tournament. Here are their thoughts on the squads that makeup Group C:

– Apart from NYC Poland, no other team are heavy favorites to advance
– Very diverse group when it comes to tactics and playing styles
– Each match will have a distinctive flavor
– NYC Croatia and NYC Ivory Coast played a contentious match in qualifying
– Will fireworks start again?

– Lost their striker, Golden boot/Golden ball winner Chris Karcz to injury
– Still have a potent midfield
– Dangerous from dead ball situations
– Solid at every position
– Not afraid to get physical
– Developed a reputation of a team to be feared

– Several ex-professionals on the roster
– Have been inconsistent in friendlies leading up to the tournament
– Play very similar to their national team
– When their build up play comes from the midfield, they can be very dangerous
– Do they have an out an out goal scorer?
– That will be the question

NYC CROATIA (as glorified in the video above)
– Big, strong team
– Might be a bit slow, but make up for it in size and positioning
– Good build up play
– There is individual talent in the middle of the park
– Struggled to link up with strikers in qualifying match against NYC Ivory Coast
– Have support from a large soccer loving community
– NYC Croatia will never give up on the pitch
– Always feel like they are in the match
– Aggressive play can rattle them

– Very strong team with a flair for sexy soccer
– Smart tactics and can break a team down with their stifling defense
– Must play calm and composed to succeed
– Could be difficult to achieve if past performances are evidence of a pattern
– Individual talent all over the field
– 3 points could easily come from 1 act of brilliance from this team
– Could play a dark horse role in this group

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