Cristiano Ronaldo Receives Sexy Pictures From Fan, Naturally Forwards Them To Fiance

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Now, in any position that puts you in the public eye, you’re going to have fans. Some are casual fans. Some are devoted fans. Some are unhealthily obsessed fans. And some are attractive young women who send you pictures of themselves with little to no clothes on. And once in a while, you accidentally email those pictures to your fiance.

We imagine Cristiano Ronaldo receives slightly more of these emails than we do, so when he receives an email from a “very attractive female fan in a variety of semi-naked poses, in some wearing a provocative tight T-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘too hot to handle,’” he presumably knows how to deal with them. And by “deal with them,” we mean email them to the woman he’s planning to marry.

Incredibly, she laughed it off, and believed C-Ron’s explanation of the whole thing.

“Irina knows dealing with other girls vying for his affection goes with the territory of ­being on the arm of a footballer like Cristiano.”

Or maybe not so incredibly, as she’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Irina Shayk. Now, we don’t like to get all WAG-leery, but we’ll definitely concede that she probably has nothing to worry about.

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