Customize Your Own Boots With miadidas, Be More Like KCKRS

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

At some point, every player—from the lowliest pub league benchwarmer on up—has dreamed of customized boots, just like the world’s best wear in the biggest games every weekend. With adidas’s new miadidas customizer, that dream can now become a reality. Want your team’s MS Paint-created logo on your boots? Done. Want your name, nickname, or secret alias on your boots? Also done. Want a customized color scheme that best reflects your personality as the bad boy striker of the Tri-County Adult Recreation Soccer League? You can get that, too.

To celebrate the launch of the miadidas, some of the biggest names in the adidas stable will wear their own customized boots during the weekend of November 3rd.

Naturally we needed a pair of the new hotness, the Predator Lethal Zones, marked up for KCKRS. Take a good long swim in the beauty of these shoes…

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