D.C. United Will Let You Into A Game For Free If You Ride Your Bike There

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

D.C. United is going green. And no, not in some desperate “look more like Seattle and Portland on the field way” (although they could do with a stadium solution), but in the “be more like the cities of Seattle and Portland with the hippie crap” way.

On Sunday, United will host the Philadelphia Union at RFK stadium, and they’re giving away free tickets to the first 50 people who bike to the stadium. The event is being sponsored by Volkswagen, and while it sounds slightly counter-intuitive for an automaker to be promoting cycling, it’s an innovative way to get people to a game and promote healthy living.

While I will be at the game, I will not be cycling, seeing as my house is nearly 150 miles away and I have plans the night before (Ed. – Wimp).

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