Dancing With the Stars Pro Wants Hope Solo To Dance For Your Pleasure

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

She’s dominating the hell out of the sports media right now and people can’t get enough, but what’s next for Hope Solo? Keeping goal for erm, magicJack (wtf?), her South Florida-based WPS team, of course. If one of the Dancing With The Stars dancers has his way, she’ll be prancing and dipping all over network TV.

Talking before the World Cup Final, Maksim Chmerkovskiy made an enthusiastic pleas for Solo to be his partner on season 13 of DWTS.

“Hope Solo!” Maks said of his dream partner. “Let’s do it! I want somebody hot, I want somebody exciting, somebody passionate, and I’ll do the rest.”

Hope is the gorgeous goalkeeper who led the U.S. women’s soccer team to several wins on the path to a devastating miss at the World Cup final on July 17. By the time Maks made his pick, the final match hadn’t happened yet, but he told People, “I’m watching every second of it.”

He even issued a personal message for the feisty goalie: “I’m waiting,” Maks said. “And please don’t hurt your legs.”

Solo took a knock in the Final, but it seems like her legs are fine. Maybe “Maks” will get his wish.

And the good money is on someone starting a Facebook campaign to get Solo on DWTS within five minutes of this news hitting the soccer news, you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

Source: People
Photo: Red Box Pictures

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