Danish Players Will Not Be Allowed To Tweet At The Euros

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Clubs have a reason to let players tweet. It’s a platform that opens up the players to their fans directly, for free. It’s a great way for clubs to directly market their most valuable and visible assets to the people most likely to consume their product. National teams at major tournaments don’t have that consideration. It’s all about winning. Which is why Denmark is keeping its players off Twitter.

On Tuesday, a DBU spokesman, Lars Behrendt said coach Morten Olsen wants his players to focus, without the distraction of what he called “the 24-7 open microphone.” The team will instead use its own media channels to communicate with fans.

In case nobody else has thought of it, we’re going to go ahead and call this the “Bendtner Quiet” rule. That’s short for: “For Pete’s sake, someone please keep Bendtner quiet so we don’t have to face 80,000 questions at every press conference about him doing stupid things like taking his pants off and demanding pizza from a lamppost” rule.

Full Story: Washington Times

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