David Beckham Did A “Prince Harry”

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The Royals could take a few pages out of David Beckham’s book (first lesson, score an insanely important free-kick against Greece). David Beckham had his own pants-free hotel party, but his security was smart enough to make sure no pics got leaked to the press.

After the Galaxy’s 2-2 draw with Vancouver on July 18, Becks and his entourage partied in style at the Hyatt Regency. According to a source who talked to RadarOnline:

David came into the room where there were players and some girls and all he had on was a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked really sexy.

He was really friendly and nice to everyone in the room, but he was in just a towel, which was kind of strange…. but hot!

Goldenballs’ security was apparently better than that of his friend Will’s little brother.

Every time someone took a camera out and tried to take a picture security told them to put the camera away.

David Beckham: chilling in nothing but a towel, being the life of the party, and according to the story, helping DJ as well. That’s why he’s the man.

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