David Beckham Is Leaving The LA Galaxy And That Has Australia Really Excited

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

David Beckham is leaving us the LA Galaxy. With one more shot at a championship coming on December 1st, Beckham and the team have announced that he won’t be back for a seventh season in LA colors in 2013. Does this mean Becks is leaving MLS, the league he helped put on the map most Americans put in their junk drawer and never use? Probably, and for that reason, Australia is super, super excited.

The A-League suitors are queuing up at the starting line, ready to race for Beckham’s signature. From Perth FC to the Melbournes (Victory and Heart), all of the footy clubs Down Under see their team as the perfect destination for Beckham. He wants one more challenge, and Australia can give it to him. I tend to think that challenge is learning to love vegamite, but maybe it’s the soccer, too.

Even before Becks announced his intention to leave the Galaxy after the MLS Cup final, A-League teams were jockeying for position.

Six A-League clubs have publicly declared themselves in the running to bring Beckham to Australia, with only Sydney FC, Melbourne Victory, Brisbane Roar and the Newcastle Jets ruling themselves out.

Then, the release, and a scramble to get their names in the proverbial hat (except, Beckham doesn’t wear hats).

However, things went up a notch yesterday when Beckham released a statement through the LA Galaxy website that the December 1 MLS Cup final against Houston Dynamo would be his final match in the US.

Not long after that, Melbourne Heart chief executive Scott Munn declared his club wanted to bring Beckham to Victoria.

Central Coast also threw their hat into the ring last night, and while they might be the smallest club in the league, they boast access to some of the deepest pockets in Australia – those of advertising guru John Singleton. Mariners owner Peter Turnbull told Fairfax Media his club was putting the finishing touches on a 10-game deal to lure Beckham.

David Beckham, the most wanted man in Australia since Ned Kelly. Look it up.

Of course, Australia isn’t the only place that has fevered dreams of Beckham filling up stadiums and selling many a shirt. Despite his age (37), Beckham is still in demand at places like PSG (the club that chased him hardest before he signed a new Galaxy deal before the start of the 2012 season), as well as the cash-splashy leagues of the Middle East and China.

Beckham moves the needle. He gooses the gander. He rocks the casbah. He fills up the tank.

Hence the grandiose treatment from the Australian soccer folk. Like Central Coast Mariners owner Peter Turnbull.

”We’re in the final process of putting a package together which we think will be very attractive for David Beckham and his family,” he said. ”We’re putting it as an all-of-community proposal. We’ve got backing from John Singleton, prominent large businesses, potentially local government – we’re getting the whole region on board with this one.”

The whole region! Maybe they can get the people of the Central Coast to spell out Davey’s name as his private jet makes its final approach. That would be amazing.

Source: SMH.com.au

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