David Beckham Talks About His Style and Post Soccer Plans… No More Plans To Be Naked

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

In England for the recent launch of his H&M underwear line, David Beckham linked up with GQ Magazine to drop a few choice words on his sartorial interests. We can be assured that the H&M undie line is just the tip of the iceberg for the LA Galaxy midfielder. Below are a few excerpts from the interview.

His signature style.
“British gentleman. At my age, now, my style has gone that way; the way I dress, my hair. I just think it’s a great look for a man. For me, the English gentleman look is a nice suit, nice tie, nice shoes – and I think long johns underneath.”

The possibility of moving into menswear
“This is something ten years ago I had never even dreamed about. The bodywear line could be a start to something different. Right now I’m so busy with still playing, creating this and the other things I’ve got going on – but in the future, who knows?”

Designing the line
“It was important for me to keep it simple. I like it to be simple, to be comfortable and to make it feel good. I wanted to have that integrity but have something that was a little bit. Simplicity was the biggest thing for me – I think Calvin Klein does it perfectly. I think men like that. I don’t think men like things that are splattered with brand names.”

Wearing longjohns
“I wear the briefs when I’m playing because they’re more comfortable, but there’s occasions for each item. My favourite item? I think the big thing was the long johns because they’re kind of old school. Men used to wear them years ago and I wanted to try and bring that back. Before I had this idea I used to wear long johns because I think they’re comfortable and I actually think they look good – and they keep you warm.”

Finally, breaking the hearts of women (and a good few men) everywhere.
“My naked days are over.”

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