David Beckham Went To Greece, Fixed The Debt Crisis

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Just when the financial crisis in Greece seemed about to overwhelm that ancient nation, Western civilization has sent its leading member to address the situation, and now, everything is totally better.

Visiting Greece as part of the Olympic delegation to bring the Olympic torch to England, Becks addressed the Greeks who had come to see the greatest hero to grace their nation since Theseus.

I think what’s important, is just to stay positive and stay strong.

Goldenballs added that “many countries” have found themselves in economic difficulty before, and Greece was “in that moment right now.”

Immediately, Greek bankers announced that they had totally figured out how to pay off the nation’s debts. Also, traffic cleared up and over 54% of the nation reported finding ten bucks in the pocket of that great pair of jeans that had been to tight, but now fit perfectly.

This is hardly the first time footballers have solved financial crises. Pele’s arrival was credited by many with expunging the worst effects of the 1973 oil shock. New documents released recently credit Giuseppe Meazza with much of the work behind FDR’s new deal, and Alan Shearer’s leadership steered the UK through the Black Wednesday currency crisis of 1992.

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