David Hasselhoff Went To The Man City Game, Received Personalized Jersey With Incorrect Spelling

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

David Hasselhoff is playing Captain Hook in a Manchester production of Peter Pan. David Hasselhoff is also a new Manchester City fan, because when in Rome, so he naturally went to the Etihad today to take in City’s 3-0 win over Stoke. The team was kind enough bestow upon The Hoff a personalized jersey, which unfortunately got the spelling of his name wrong. That didn’t stop Hasselhoff from having a blast and tweeting photos of himself in the City dressing room after the game.

Someone tell Zabaleta to put some damn clothes on. Penny for your thoughts, Carlos?

The Hoff is all about football these days, as he told the city website, getting lessons from his Peter Pan costars.

And speaking of The Hoff playing “Hoff the Hook” in the pantomime production of the children’s classic, here’s a promotional video wherein Hasselhoff uses “Hoff” like the Smurfs use “Smurf.” Well then.

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