Demitrius Omphroy Has A Degrassi Audition Today, We’re Taking Credit

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So, do you guys remember when we bigged up Toronto FC rookie Demitrius Omphroy when he wanted a role on Canadian teen drama Degrassi? Well, that post did the rounds, and after a few weeks, Omphroy is auditioning for Degrassi today. And we have no problem taking credit for something that probably has nothing to do with us.

After an initial flurry of twitter activity, Omphroy was granted an audition. Which he predictably became pretty excited about in the days leading up to his tryout.

We wish Omphroy the best of luck. Who knows, maybe if the whole “pro soccer” thing doesn’t work out, he has a backup career as the next Drake. Or… someone else who was on Degrassi.

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