DENCH Clothing’s Online Store Is Totally DIY and Definitely DENCH

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

You know about DENCH. You love DENCH. You’re anxiously awaiting the next amazing Emmanuel Frimpong DENCH post, in which Emmanuel will probably take a picture of himself wearing DENCH gear hanging from the hands of the clock in Big Ben or something. You might even want to buy yourself a DENCH shirt. Well here you go…

The DENCH store is completely DENCH, if only because it’s simple, to the point, and has a do-it-yourself vibe which I’ve decided is part of DENCH-ness. A slick, perfectly designed storefront, with high-res photos of fake model-type people sporting DENCH gear wouldn’t be DENCH because it wouldn’t be real.

You know what’s DENCH? A photo of two of the available DENCH color tees laid out on a bed. You know what else is DENCH? The photos in the store of people wearing DENCH gear being the same photos of Emmanuel and Lethal Bizzle we showed on Twitter awhile back. No need for a professional photographer, these are real DENCH dudes wearing real DENCH gear.

So go get your DENCH. Except for black. They’re out of stock, so you’ll have to pre-order. The white is kinda DENCH…

Dench Clothing on Big Cartel, and @dench_clothing on Twitter

Since we originally posted about the DENCH online store, some things have changed. Go here for the updated info and learn where you can get new STAY DENCH gear.

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