Didier Drogba Is Going To End A War

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

After disputed election results ended in the collapse of a truce which lasted nearly half a decade, the Ivory Coast plunged back into civil war, only ending when the (now former) president was arrested by opposition forces. The man called in to heal the freshly re-opened wounds of a divided nation? Didier Drogba.

The original truce was brokered after the Ivory Coast qualified for its first World Cup in 2006, sending a wave of patriotic goodwill across the nation. Maybe you remember Bono’s commercial? Now, they’re looking for help to Drogba, who is wildly popular both as a sporting icon and a philanthropist, having funded a number of health and education projects including a hospital in his hometown, the former capital of Abidjan.

It’s a cause that is important the the Chelsea striker, who has been named a member of his country’s new Truth Reconciliation and Dialogue Commission.

I hope that in a few years’ time people from north, from south, from all the different places, they will be able to sit together and say sorry.

You’ve got to make people understand that this country is better when there’s peace, this country is better when we forgive.

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