Diego Maradona Plans to Countersue Italian Government for €50,000,000

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Italy’s tax authorities have been chasing Diego Maradona over unpaid taxes they say he owes on undeclared income from his days with Napoli for the better part of two decades. They set the bill at €40,000,000. Diego says he doesn’t own it, those guys are jerk, and, in fact, they should give him €50,000,000 “for the mortification, the violation of his image, or his dignity and quality of life.”

This latest development comes after Maradona’s reached out publicly to the Italian tax authorities in March in an effort to clear his debt so he might return to Naples to see old friends.

“I want to return immediately to Naples and speak with the authorities,” Maradona wrote in Naples’ Il Mattino newspaper Sunday. “I’m not a tax evader and I want to show it.”

“I want to return to Italy and embrace the Neapolitans and all my friends who live in Italy,” Maradona added in an interview with Italy’s Sky TV.

“It’s right to pay taxes but the authorities should be more humane with citizens,” the Argentina great added. “I always paid all the taxes that I knew about.”

In 2009, a pair of Maradona’s earrings were seized while he was at a health clinic in northern Italy. They were later auctioned for €25,000.

A recent settlement offered by Maradona’s side of €3,500,000 was reject by the Italians. Now, with everything back to square one, Diego has pulled the old tit-for-tat. Sue me! Sue you!

Maradona said on Sunday in a statement received by Adnkronos from Pisani that he has been unjustly “persecuted” for decades by Italy’s tax agency.

“No-one knows better than I do what it means to be persecuted by the inland revenue. I have experienced it first-hand for over 25 years,” Maradona said.

“During that time, I have been treated like a criminal… my image as a sportsman has been sullied,” Maradona added.

Source: Adnkronos

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