Diver & Aguilar Bring Us Vintage-Style Barca Trading Cards

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

London-based Diver & Aguilar hearkened back to days of yore for their series of FC Barcelona trading cards. Each card is a simple portrait with the frame “weathered” to resemble something you might find under glass in a sports memorabilia shop. These are the cards that might have been made for Barca had they been the 1911 edition rather than the 21st century’s most iconic team.

Aside from the faux vintage look, there’s nothing pretentious about these images. The portraits are stark and stunning full size. Look at them and be mesmerized.

Messi seems to be the only one not looking at the camera. That’s probably not a coincidence.

See Diver & Aguilar at Behance for the full collection.

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