Dog does ‘Poznan’ celebration after Manchester City goals

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Aside from the proverbial “one man and his dog” who observe poorly attended games in parks, you don’t see enough animal spectators in football. Well not only do Manchester City let Liam Gallagher in (BURN!), they also allow five-year-old pooch Dougie to accompany his epileptic owner.

Dougie the doggie has become something of a City legend lately, owing to his predilection to join in with the “Poznan”. For the uninitiated, it’s a Polish goal celebration that City fans picked up when they played Lech Poznan in the Europa League. They turn away from the pitch, jump up and down, wave their scarves, and wonder why they paid so much for a ticket to not watch the game.

After seeing Dougie Poznan it up at Wembley in the video above, expect to see him on a Simon Cowell “talent” show imminently.

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