Don Garber Says MLS Will Happily Be The Goal-line Technology Guinea Pig

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The International Football Association Board, soccer’s rule-making body, is set to vote on goal-line technology at a July 2nd conference. IFAB could choose to approve one of two different goal systems currently under consideration. If they do, MLS commissioner Don Garber would be happy to have his league step up as one of the first test cases.

‘We’re interested in being a test league and we hope that we could achieve that,” MLS Commissioner Don Garber said Thursday while speaking to the Associated Press Sports Editors. ”I would be open to whatever it is that could be done to ensure that we have goal-line technology.”

The greater American appetite for technology’s use in sport is one reason it makes sense for MLS to take on the experiment, and why MLS is already using retroactive review to punish players for simulation.

”Americans generally … view that aspect of the game as not fitting with our culture or our view of fairness,” he said. ”We have almost eliminated that unpleasant or unsavory aspect of the game from our sport.”

For an overview of the two systems under consideration by IFAB, check out this informative animation from Tawainese animators Next Media Animation (yes, those guys).

Source: The Associated Press

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