Drake, Lil Wayne, Chad Ochocino Show Up In FIFA 12 E3 Teaser

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

One thing I noticed about FIFA, a lot of my friends who wouldn’t watch or touch the actual game of football are still obsessed with playing video game version. I think the simplicity of the sport and gameplay allows for anyone to pick up and play unlike, say, the American football games like Madden. EA’s new E3 teaser for FIFA 12 plays off just that.

A variety of expected (Jack Wilshere, Kaka, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer) and unexpected (Drake, Lil Wayne) folks show up talking about how much they love playing FIFA and use the game to prepare for matches, or get ready for concerts. How much truth there is to that is up for debate, but while crossover guys like Chad Ochocinco/Johnson are known for their passion for football it’s always cool to see unexpected celebrities pop up in support.



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