Dwyane Wade Like, Totally Wants To Get Into Soccer

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Dwyane Wade is a star basketball player for the NBA champion Miami Heat, where he plays alongside league MVP LeBron James. Apparently James, a part owner of English soccer club/tragicomedic farce Liverpool, shares more than a locker room with D-Wade, since the 30-year old point guard and eight-time all-star wants to learn more about soccer.

Speaking to CNN, Wade explained that his family was driving him to learn more about the beautiful game.

I’m trying to get into it. My youngest son Zion is playing soccer now, so I’ve got to learn the sport.

So this season I’m really diving into soccer, learning the rules of the game. With Zion, and also my lady, they both love soccer, so I got to get into it.

I need to learn about it first, but I do want to go to a game. I want to feel the crowd and the energy – it’s the reason that soccer is the number one sport in the world.

So D-Wade wants to get into soccer. Awesome. I’m sure LeBron James or even Barcelona fan Kobe Bryant would love to help him learn the game. The important thing here is that we need to make sure Zion Wade stays interested in soccer so he can lead the USMNT to glory in the 2030 World Cup.

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