E3 FIFA 12 Roundup

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

EA dropped some seriously exciting news about the new release of FIFA during that electronic media expo thing. Here’s your roundup of what to expect.

So the annual nerd convention that is E3 finished up this past week with most of the hullabaloo centered around EA Sports’ latest rendition of the game all the college kids play while they’re “chilling”, FIFA. If you missed any of the coverage from the last week here’s your all-inclusive FIFA 12 roundup. First, check the video above and pretend you were lucky enough to be invited to FIFA’s official E3 press conference.

Next, have a listen to what the guys paid to critique these games have to say about the improvements to this year’s title:

Sounds like the guys at EA figured it out. New game modes like Football Club are cool and all but what makes FIFA so great is its inherent replay value. Just like a game of football itself, anything can happen in a game of FIFA. People want to play against their friends for competition’s sake, so focusing energy on improving gameplay was a nice play for the makers of the game. Can someone start a countdown to release day or what?

Check out a little peek at what the FIFA booth looked like at the expo, courtesy of the guys at FIFA Soccer Blog:

Images:[FIFA Soccer Blog]

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