E3 Soccer Round-Up: EA Sports Announces Spare Time-Annihilating “EA Sports Football Club”

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

E3, the annual summer electronic expo of epic proportions, is in full swing this week at the Los Angeles convention center and there should be plenty for soccer fans to get excited about.

While the industries two major titles, EA Sports’ FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer are in different stages of the production process (and both in pretty early stages for that matter) fans have been scrounging for every detail they can get.


FIFA dominated yesterday for sports games at E3 when EA Sports announced the new “EA Football Club” feature. The new game mode is something FIFA has been building towards slowly over the years with their incorporation of the expanded online and interactive platform for the Ultimate Team game mode, which is probably the coolest video game mode innovation I can remember since I started mashing buttons in Mario Party on my N64. Football Club basically allows FIFA to bring together all their online gamers in a global super-league, where different challenges and games can help raise your club’s standing in the world rankings and you try to become to Pep Guardiola of the virtual Barcelona.

Check the video above of the Football Club walk through from E3. Games have had this “revenge” factor in the past, but this is considerably cooler as it finally puts you on a total global scope where you can make your club one of the best in the world and connect it to what’s going on mid-season. Instead of punching a hole in your least favorite window, you can now avenge your teams unbelievably frustrating derby loss by playing video games and eating Cheetos.

More on how you can support your real life club with the help of your virtual one:

The “Support Your Club” feature helps deepen these roots between between the player and the favorite club and their reputation on the global gaming platform.

In FIFA 12, you get the opportunity to represent your club and contribute to their success in everything you do and every time you play. Whether you’re a fan of big clubs like Real Madrid or a lower-tier club, all your accomplishments and achievements in the game will support your team’s position in our Support Your Club League Tables. It doesn’t matter how many fans support each club; what matters is how well they play and how often they play. The tables will be reset each week to allow for new challenges, renewed rivalries, and fresh storylines. FIFA 12 will never feel stale, and the tribal passion that fans have for their club will shine through.

Sounds pretty sick. Should be interesting to see how or if they can incorporate some of the aspects of Ultimate Team (like moving players, coaches, and creating a club identity) into this Football Club mode.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

No news today from the Konami side of the soccer gaming battle. But if you haven’t seen it yet check the trailer we posted here yesterday in our E3 warmup. I admit I’m a FIFA guy, but from the looks of this trailer Pro Evo might be getting back to a level where I want to give it a shot. Can’t be acting like a video game fanboy noob.

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