English Police Are Now Worried About Glory-Hunting Hooligans

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

English football has changed dramatically in the last two and a half decades. Gone are the crumbling stadia and dingy terraces, replaced by shiny new all-seaters. Policing has evolved from indiscriminately confining all fans to proactively identifying and removing the select handful of troublemakers. That growth in the English game has made the Premiership into a global powerhouse, bringing in foreign players, foreign viewers, foreign fans, and, in a neat bit of history coming full circle, foreign England hooligans.

Andy Holt, the assistant chief constable leading the squad of UK police shepherding English fans in Poland and Ukraine, is worried about the number of foreign fans who have come to identify with the English game.

We have seen quite a lot of Russians with England shirts on – that’s great if they are supporting England of course.

But if there is some disorder and it appears they are wearing an England shirt, I want my officers to go in there and establish what we’re dealing with so we’ve got it first hand, so we know whether it’s an English fan and we have a problem or whether actually it’s somebody from another nation who supports another team who just happens to have an England shirt on.

So there’s now something more intimidating than English hooligans: English hooligans who are also crazy Russians.

Full Story: Reuters

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