Erotic USMNT Fan Fiction Tumblr Gets Pulled, We Feel Kinda Bad

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So remember the NSFW blog of USMNT-themed adult literature we told you about yesterday? Alas, it’s no longer there and it appears we’re to blame. The Tumblr was removed and posted in its place was this message, under the title “Hello Kckrs fans!”

If you are looking for “USMNT erotic fan fiction” maybe you should check out quizilla or livejournal. The internet is full of this shit. Ever heard of slash fiction? You’ll find it on those sites. It’s 1000000x more disturbing and lewd than anything ever posted on here. Thanks for making me internet famous.<333

And well, we feel kinda bad. We’re not entirely sure what made the author pull it, but hopefully whoever was behind it has resumed their passion for USMNT passion in some other corner of the internet.

Although, Brek Shea? Really?

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