Estilo TU ES Bring Brazilian Football Tees With A Trickster Theme

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Estilo TU ES is a line of stylish soccer tees that includes a clever take on a footballer-as-dancer theme.

The image the line uses – a silhouette of a vaudeville-esque tap-dancer complete with hat and two-tone shoes, is definitely distinctive and probably has a pretty high “where’d you get that?” factor.

The line includes a few shirts with a bicycle kick theme, and while they don’t look bad, we’re pretty sure there’s a certain fellow out there who may take issue with the silhouette they used.

We found the line, which includes a ball-themed backpack as well, over at the Behance Network, and since the text is all in Portuguese, it’s not exactly clear if any of the items are on sale anywhere.

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