Everton’s New GK Shirt May Give You ‘Nam Flashbacks

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Far be it from us to question the tastes of the fine creative department at Le Coq Sportif, but did they actually look at the new goalkeeper kit they designed for Everton, or did the  camouflage pattern make it too hard to find?

Every few years, a team tries to do a camo jersey. It started with Baseball’s San Diego Padres, ostensibly as a nod to the ties the military has with the city (San Diego is home to the world’s largest fleet, and the US Navy is the city’s largest employer). Merseyside? Not so much.

And no matter what the reasoning, one fact is inescapable: these jerseys are ugly. And it didn’t have to be this way. LCS designed a beautiful set of clean, classy home and away jerseys for the rest of the team before deciding Tim Howard had to look like that guy who tries way too hard at paintball.

At least when he wants to hide in shame, he’ll be able to.

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