F.C.R.B. GYM and Tatsuya Kawajiri Give Soccer Fashion A Beating

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

We put you onto Japan’s specialty fashion-orientated soccer brand F.C.R.B. a bit ago, now one of the latest diffusion aspects of the brand has been their foray into gym relevant offerings.

hayabusa.bz style the F.C.R.B. GYM collection on Japanese MMA fighter Tatsuya Kawajiri, a fighter touted as the #1 lightweight fighter in the world back in 2005 (aka before anybody cared about MMA). Stylistically, F.C.R.B. has often infused street elements into the line such as the use of patterns and animal prints.

The apparel still seems as a bit of a far fetch in regards to wearing it to the gym, but I’m sure it beats wearing some ridiculous tattoo motif track top. Couple more pics below and hit the hayabusa.bz website for more.

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