Fans Are Even Designing Their Own Team Websites Now, Like This One For Tottenham

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The Internet Age is marked by a DIY ethic that has clearly taken over the world of football fandom. Don’t like the way your team is covered? Start a blog. Don’t like the way football clubs are run, as expensive playthings for rich owners who inevitably muck it up? Start a club. Think your club’s website could do with an overhaul? Design a new one. Wait, what?

Indy, a Tottenham fan with the necessary skillset to tackle a project like creating a Spurs website design from scratch, decided that was just the thing to do. We’ll leave it to you to compare Indy’s effort below to the actual Spurs website.

Check out Hey Indy for many more images, including his design for relevant website sections.

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