Fans Of Uruguay’s Nacional Unfurl The Biggest Flag In The History Of The World*

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

*Claim of biggest flag in the history of the world yet to be verified a far as we can tell but we made it up anyway so never mind. Still, this is one gigantic flag/banner/whatever that Nacional’s fans displayed before the club’s Copa Libertadores match against Mexican side Toluca last night. So big, I get a little bit of claustrophobia just looking at it. HELP I’M STUCK UNDER THIS FLAG GET IT OFF GET IT OFF. No, seriously, this great. Hooray Nacional.

The flag is 600 meters (656 yards) long and 50 meters (54 yards) high, and the club says as many as 5,000 fans helped to create it. Each fan who helped in the year-and-a-half long effort had their names inscribed on the flag.


Source: Soccerly via @yossarin

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