Fans Think Arsenal Closed Official Chat Room To Hide Its Shame

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Legendary (Ed: “Legendary” [Writer: Ed is a Tottenham fan, feel free to ignore him]) English club Arsenal announced their intentions to close their official site’s chat room next month and some fans reckon the club is trying to censor their outrage after yet another trophyless season.

Of course, it couldn’t be because it’s a stupid idea to pay people to moderate a medium of communication more suited to the age of geocities and musical .gif files rather than using social channels like Twitter and Facebook, as the club is claiming.

Said one fan:

The forum will probably reappear when we eventually win a title. I reckon it’s now run by rose-tinters who can’t and won’t accept any dissent.

And maybe because reading mean messages keeps Arsene Wenger up at night and stops him from buying a keeper who isn’t terrified of the ball or twelve years old? You ever think of that, angry internet people?

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