FC St. Pauli Launches 11/12 Kit with Awesome Supporters Photo Shoot

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Do You Football, the maker of German 2.Bundesliga club and indie-fave FC St. Pauli’s new kits for the upcoming season, orchestrated one of the coolest kit launches in recent memory.

Instead of making a bunch of over-priced wannabe Victoria’s Secret models wear their kits up and down a runway somewhere (Ed: where was that kit launch!?), they stayed close to home and turned to their supporters (Ed: Twitter has since reminded us the Timbers did an equally cool version earlier, involving freakin’ axes). The concept was simple – come down to the kit launch and get your favorite club’s brand new home shirt for free in exchange for taking a picture in your new duds.

The return was as raw and awesome as you’d expect from St Pauli.

I’m not trying to mess with any St. Pauli fans. Ever. Check out the full photo album of the Pauli supporters in their new shirts at the Do You Football Facebook page.

h/t The Beautiful Gear.

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