Fearsome Defender Danny Califf… Reads To Children

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Sending players out into the community is a big part of being a top class soccer club. Even when the players you send out are less than refined. Or, like Danny Califf, a little scary.

Philadelphia Union defender Danny Califf is a pretty intimidating guy. He’ll throw an elbow in your face if he wants to. He’s covered in vivid tattoos. He drinks with fans at charity events. He’ll injure your starting keeper right out of the playoffs because he doesn’t like the look on his face.

And on his days off, he reads to schoolchildren.

Califf visited Indian Lane Elementary School last week to read the kids his favorite children’s book, Munro Leaf’s enduring classic The Story of Ferdinand. The title character, a pacifist bull, refuses to rise to any provocation from the matadors who want to fight him.

There’s probably a metaphor in there. Or an allusion to that Vin Diesel movie.

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