FIFA 12 Producer Breaks Down Pro Player Intelligence And Vision

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Now this is what I’m talking about. Watch this video of Santiago Jaramillo, a gameplay producer on FIFA 12, waxing on the nitty-gritty technical advancements in the newest FIFA that allows the difference between Cesc Fabergas and Ji-Sung Park to be that much more accurate.

Both, obviously, are terrific midfielders for two of the top teams in the world, but there is that something extra that makes Cesc more of a danger man than Park, even though Park is like a Champions League goal-scoring savant. And that difference is their vision.

This concept of vision cones brings back memories of Madden NFL 06, where the same concept tool was used as a way to make passing the ball with the quarterback (that’s a throwball term for all you foreigners) much more difficult and realistic. You couldn’t throw up bling 60-yard post routes anymore. But that wasn’t necessarily a good thing, as you also had this stupid looking cone of sunlight that you needed to manually shift to cover the path of your receivers. This, on the other hand, is brilliant.

The main reason: because you can’t see it. This is all behind the scenes in the games inner AI workings. You don’t have to shift Fabergas’ vision cone around because it is automatic based on a number of factors such as the players vision rating as well as similar opportunities ealrier in the run of play. In short, that’s about as authentic and natural as it gets.

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