FIFA Hire Placido Domingo To Help Clean Up Image Because, Well, Why Not?

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Still doing damage control after last week’s media frenzy and farce of a Presidential election, Sepp Blatter is keeping the pedal to the metal on the crazy bus.

Dutch legend Johann Cruyff and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will be joined, for some reason, by Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo – otherwise known as the guy from The Three Tenors who is not Pavarotti nor the third guy no one cares about.

The trio will make up FIFA’s “Solutions Committee,” acting as advisors to FIFA. Recently re-elected as the only name on the ballot, Sepp Blatter referred to the group as his “council of wisdom.”

Blatter clarified the scope and power of the committee about as well as you can hope from FIFA at this point,

“If this committee of solutions or the ethics committee have the impression that they should do something then let them take the decisions.”


Rumours are abound that Los Del Rio have been hired to investigate who left a turd in the FIFA executive bathroom without flushing.

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