FIFA: International Corruption Fighters?

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

With so much attention focused on Zurich this week, it’s been easy to forget that other things might have been happening in the wider world of football.

In Korea, the K-League has been rocked by allegations of match fixing after former player Jeong Jong-Kwan was found dead, with a suicide note expressing regret over his involvement in the scandal.

Faced with such a serious problem, the Korean FA called upon the most trustworthy and incorruptible group they knew of to handle the situation – FIFA.

KFA chief Cho Chung-Yun announced to the media:

“If necessary, FIFA will dispatch a team of inspectors to investigate situations. We will also rely on international cases to seek solutions to problems.”

Coincidentally, BigSoccer’s Bill Archer, who deserves a Pulitzer or a Webby or at least a case of beer for his work covering FIFA, reports that FIFA are seriously going after Jack Warner this time.

That, kids, is what you call “a start.”

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