FIFA Unveils World Cup 2014 Brazil Host City Posters

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So far, with just over 560 days left until the next World Cup kicks off in Brazil, we have an appropriately festive logo, a funny-looking mascot (which now has a name), and several half-built stadiums which may or may not be completed in time for June 2014. Now you can add “host city posters” to the list, as FIFA has released a design for each of the twelve cities that will play host to games at World Cup 2014. These too, are festive (the Brazilians are a festive people, in case you didn’t know).

Blame FIFA for the small size of these images. Boo, FIFA. Boo.

For exactly the same images but also little blurbs about them, see Someone spent time writing things like “the vivid colors depict the spirit of the city’s push towards the future and stuff” and it would be a shame if they went unread. A total shame.

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