FIFA Video Game Now With Objects Thrown From The Stands

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

When I first saw this video I thought “Haha FIFA12 is gonna be AWESOME”. Then I realized this clip was meant to be against throwing things at players from the stands. Oops.

Seriously, though, fan violence is never cool (and neither are lasers..ahem). Even in video games. As part of a student campaign to combat fan violence in soccer, Miami Ad School student Esteban Izquierdo produced this clip where the digital joy of a FIFA 11 goal is ruined by a well-aimed missile from the stands. We have no idea how he did this short of some kind of Masters degree in Computer Magic from Hogwart’s School of Science & Engineering.

We shot Esteban an email, and he explained why the message is being conveyed this way.

It is a student campaign to create awareness about violence in soccer using a non explored media like soccer video game. For now, the campaign is just the clips.

And if Esteban wants to find someone to back his cause, we know Jimmy Nielsen approves.

Here’s one with Messi:

And Rooney:

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