“Fight the Flop” Campaign Has A Cause and A Snazzy Intro Video

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

“Fight the Flop” is a grassroots campaign to rid the game of the insidious and pervasive trend of diving, started by a group of friends in San Francisco. So far, they have t-shirts, an in-progress website, and this well-produced video.

Even as many excuse away diving as “part of the game”, there aren’t too many fans out there who wouldn’t get behind a campaign to stop it. Fight the Flop’s video does a good job of illustrating how even players that speak out against diving are among the perpetrators. Too often, it’s difficult for players to resist taking a dive. Going down at the slightest whisper of contact (which might be no contact at all, just bodily proximity) has become part of the mandate. There’s not much risk, and the potential for great reward.

Let’s not be cynical about Fight the Flop’s prospects for inspiring change for now. Instead, just enjoy the video and continue to push for diving to be eradicated by whatever reasonable means necessary.

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