Finally, Fans Can Show Their Support For Their Team AND Correct Their Vision

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Imagine yourself gearing up for the game, preparing yourself to hit stadium or local supporter’s pub. After showering in your bathroom bedecked in team-branded accouterments, you slip on your team-branded boxers, the team-branded warmup pants, the team-branded socks, and this year’s shirt you bought the moment it become available. You look at yourself, a vision of modern footy passion. Except for one problem. Your glasses. They’re un-branded. If only…

Introducing Fan Frames, glasses for the passionate football supporter. Want to show of your love of your team through the vision-correction apparatuses* that keep you from walking into lightposts on the way back from the stadium and/or pub (if you’re not too drunk)? Desperate to have your head scream “WE ARE THE WORLD’S GREATEST TEAM” but think hats are dumb? Fan Frames might be for you.

The Hull-based company currently has deals with:

Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Nottingham Forest
Hull City
and Liverpool.

And don’t fret, soccer fans of America, soon you’ll be able to get your hands on a set of Fan Frames too, thanks to a deal with US-based company Sports Endeavours. There’s even hope that Fan Frames will soon have licenses for American clubs, meaning those Columbus Crew specs you’ve always wanted could be on the horizon.

*No one get the crazy idea to wear these glasses with prescription-less lenses, okay. Don’t be that fan. Just don’t. Get the sunglasses.

Source: Yorkshire Post

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