Finally, You Can Express Your Soccer Passion Through Your Rims

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Now you can have those things you never knew you always wanted. Courtesy of Keith Kaucher of Kaucher Kustoms, by way of Full Moon Wheels, comes “The Header”, a custom designed wheel rim that looks like a soccer ball. That vestige of a previous age the Telstar ball, to be specific, because every ball-related item uses the Telstar apparently. Anyway, now your car can look like it’s rollin’ on pelotas. Sweet.

These wheel rims come in three varieties: machine finish, chrome finish and black and red finish (for the DC United fan in the family). There’s no pricing info on the product page, so I’m not sure how much a set of these bad boys will set you back, but you can’t really put a price on class.


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