Former England Captains Think Sepp Is A Jerkface

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

So after opening his mouth and letting all the stupid fall out, Sepp Blatter backtracked and made sure to tell everyone how much he hates racism, and just look at this photo of him and the wonderfully named Tokyo Sexwale? Who just happens to be black, isn’t that a coincidence? And isn’t that just super fun? Well, most people aren’t falling for it. Especially not Rio Ferdinand and David Beckham.

Rio Ferdinand, upon hearing Blatter’s comments, did what all of us did. He complained about it on Twitter.

But being Rio Ferdinand, and not you know, some blogger, he provoked a response from Blatter.

Thus implying that Rio, who grew up as a poor black child in a predominantly white country, was racist against black people. And not Sepp Blatter, the white man who spent his adolescence on the mean streets of… the Swiss Alpine village of Visp.

And Rio wasn’t the only former England captain asked about Blatter’s comments. In a press conference ahead of Sunday’s MLS Cup Final, David Beckham was pressed for his opinion.

I think the comments were appalling and I think a lot of people have said that. I don’t think the comments were very good for this game. There obviously is and has been racism throughout soccer and in life over the past few years but I do think, especially being around the England team and being around the FA, who do a lot of work with kicking racism out of the game, that it is still there and it can’t just be swept under the carpet and it can’t just be sorted out with a handshake afterwards.

That’s not how racism should be treated. We have to work hard to keep it out of the game and work hard to keep it out of life.

Source: ESPN

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