Fox Soccer Channel Changing Names, Getting Out of Their Condo

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

Fox Soccer Channel has already upped their MLS game with “Soccer Night in America” and are planning to unveil their new look for the European season at a cable event this week.

New graphics, new logo, new digs, dropping the word “channel”; it’s all part of Fox Soccer’s plan to take the network to the next level. Where that level is, no one is certain, but it definitely involves getting out of their condo, says David Nathanson executive vice president of security deposits. I mean executive VP and general manager.

“We’re going to a new studio, moving from a luxury condo at [current home] 1440 Sepulveda [Blvd.] to a mansion of sorts at Studios A & B, where the NFL on Fox and other properties are produced,” he said.

Wait, Fox Soccer Channel was based in condo? Oh, a luxury condo. That makes it much better. Still, this explains a lot, like why Soccer Talk Live looked like it was broadcast from underneath some frat guy’s loft.

A spot in the mansion sounds good, unless Terry Bradshaw likes to walk around in his underwear.

Cobi Jones, who has done solid work for FSC during the Gold Cup, will help with the announcement at the Cable Show in Chicago.

Soccer fans love technology, says Nathanson. So we’ll get more of that, including something called VIZ RT effects and super slo mo replays. Now you’ll literally be able to see Wayne Rooney’s face change color when he’s goes apeshit over a call. Cool!

We’re happy to see Uncle Rupert is finally giving Fox Soccer Channel a little cash to make some improvements. With a spot in the mansion secured, they might be able to get an even bigger table for Wynalda and Sullivan.

Don’t sleep on the big table.

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