Framed Infographics Are Like Art That Teach You Things

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

The fact is, you have wall space. Empty wall space that is in desperate need of things to fill it. And, since you’re a soccer fan, you would prefer to have that empty space filled with things that are related to the game you love. The good news is that people make things with which to fill your empty wall space. Like The Beautiful Game, which makes infographics about famous teams and seasons that would look AMAZING filling your empty wall space.

Versions available for purchase include infographics on Arsenal’s “Invincibles” season, Chelsea’s first title year under Mourinho, United’s 19th title season, Liverpool’s comeback against AC Milan, and more.

The prints will set you back £25.00 by themselves, or £49.00 for the framed version.

via The Beautiful Gear, which you should go check out right this second

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