French Street Artist Depicts Ronaldo With Ball And Chain In A Piece Called ‘Slaves’

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Written By Chris Azzopardi

French street artist Escif’s latest controversial piece is a depiction of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo in full kit while wearing a ball and chain on a door in Niort, France. Above the image is a number, 93000000, the total amount in euro spent on Ronaldo transfer. Ronaldo rather infamously referred to himself as a “slave” while trying to get a move to Real Madrid from Manchester United.

To better explain the piece, the Escif attached the following text:

“In one of his books, Fernando Ortiz includes slaves prices in 1970, according to its owners advertised in a newspaper of Havana: a black men 24 years old, robust and healthy, with no strikeouts nor diseases, could cost 300 pesos; a “black man , Creole, 16 years old, healthy and ready” 500; a good cook woman, “humble and faithful, healthy and unblemished”, up to 950. At Real Madrid, sport imaginary multinational, Cristiano Ronaldo slave has cost 93 million euros, that is 130 million dollars. Is the record. Zidane had cost 76 million, Kaká 66; Figo 61; Buffon 47.”

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